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        1:30 pm Social Time

          2:00 pm Meeting 

You must be over 18 to attend and become a member.

Meetings are held at The Mifflinburg Masonic Lodge, located at 361 Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg unless noted.  Parking and entrance in rear.

2021  Calendar of Events

Please note:  Participants must prepay for all workshops

January 10, 2021

Guild Meeting.   Membership donation is due by the end of Jan.

Zoom Meeting  Show and tell.  Please have something to show everyone.  It can be something you are working on, some cool item you received for Christmas, or your pet.

February 14               2:00 pm

Guild Meeting -  - Zoom meeting.

Learn about Ravelry with a live demonstration in real time

Sunday March 14                  2:00 pm


Guild Meeting 

Will be held at the Lodge.  Masks required.

Learn how to make fiber flowers.  Materials provided or bring your favorite colored roving

Saturday  April 3             10:00 am


Tien Chiu will present a one hour zoom class on painted warps.  Color in weaving follows rules, and once you understand you can design beautiful work.  This program explains the basics of how color works  in weaving and then covers how to choose weft, weave structure, and sett to showcase the colors of your painted warp.

Sunday April 11               2:00 pm

Guild Meeting -  Electric Spinning Wheels

Sunday May 16                   2:00 pm


Guild Meeting.  We are on a field trip today.  We will be meeting at Lazy Meadow Alpaca's in Hughesville.  There will be tours of the fiber mill, dyeing of your yarn, and shopping in the store.  Please bring your lawn chair and yarn to dye if you wish to participate.  

Saturday June 12       11 - 5
handpaint rovings.jpeg

Workshop  Spinning hand painted roving 8 ways by Marsha Weinert. 

This is a 5 hour workshop.  Admit it: handpainted, multicolor rovings are as seductive as chocolate.  So you’ve accumulated quite a few—or are longing to do so—but you can’t quite figure out how to make the colors “sing” in the finished yarn as beautifully as they do in the roving.  Come learn eight (yes, 8!!) ways to compose a symphony from the “notes” in your wool!  Students will be provided with handpainted roving from which to work; feel free to bring roving about which you have questions!  This program will be held at the Mifflinburg Community Park weather permitting.

Sunday June 13             9 - 1
Workshop.  Fit to be Plied! Class description: Your yarn is all spun—but what happens next at your wheel can make your finished item sparkle or sag.  Let’s explore all the ways that plying can affect color, durability, texture, and ease of completion—whether you’re spinning to knit, crochet or weave!  We’ll learn Andean plying, chain- or Navajo-plying, and how to make and use a tensioned Lazy Kate for 3- and 4-ply yarns and MORE!Improve your plying skills, Chain plying, & Andean Plying by Marsha Weinert, Weavers Guild of Rochester & Weaving and Fine Arts Center.  This is a 3 hour workshop.  This will be held at the lodge.

Sunday June 13                   2:00 pm



Guild Meeting Balkan Textile Adventures":  Join our guest, Marcia Weinert, as she shares her experiences from two visits to Lithuania and Latvia, exploring their traditions--from ancient to modern--in the realms of fiber arts: weaving, knitting, crochet, and felt! Even if you've never pondered where the Balkan states are located, you'll be amazed at how relevant these traditions continue to be, in this proud and accomplished corner of the globe!  This will be held at the lodge.

Sunday July  11                   2:00 pm

Guild Meeting - Waste Not want Not.  Learn how to use your stash by Sheryl McGettigan.

Saturday July 17    10-noon & 2-4 pm

Workshop    Blending Tools and Spinning with Patsy Zawistoski

We will talk about fiber preparations including combing, carding, blending boards, and drum carders.  This is the key to great spinning.  This is a zoom presentation.  Two 2-hour sessions.  Starting 10- noon and then 2-4pm the same day.  

Sunday August 1st

Demonstration for Girl Scouts

Saturday August 7th                    1:00 pm

Sunday August 8th         

Sunday August 15  

Weavers Learning Lecture - Winding a Great Warp by Deb Essen.  Zoom call presentation 40 minutes ( or longer).  Learn tips and tricks to winding a great warp that is even, easy to use and will never fall apart or tangle up on the way to the loom.

Annual Guild Picnic to be held at the Mifflinburg Community Park.  We will gather  at 12:30 and eat at 1pm.  The meeting will be held at 2 pm followed by a hands on craft project.  This is a covered dish sharing picnic.  Please bring a dish to share,  your own place settings and beverage.  You may also want to bring a lawn chair.  For the craft project please bring either a T-Shirt, canvas bag, or piece of fabric to transfer an image onto.  You may also want to bring a plastic bag to take your project home in if it is not yet dry.  We will be in pavilion #2 which is behind the tennis and basketball courts.  

Board Meeting

Saturday Sept 18          10 am - 5 pm 

Sunday Sept. 19th       9 am - Noon
Sunday Sept. 19th               2:00 PM

 Dyeing Plant Fibers Workshop by Joan Ruane.  

Morning will be dedicated to dyeing cotton lint and many other plant fibers including hemp, flax, bamboo and several Eco- friendly fibers such as pineapple and banana.  Solar jars will be set out dyeing several different fibers.    The workshop will include both dyeing solid colors and painting the sliver using Cushing Reactive Dyes.

In the afternoon we will include checking our solar dyeing fibers and finishing up painting our slivers.  Joan will be demonstrating carding and blending the dyed fibers into punis and anyone wishing to join her can bring a set of carders.

            Dyeing all kinds of plant fibers         

            Carding/ punis (fiber prep)

This workshop will be held at the Mifflinburg Park, weather permitting.

Spinning on a Takli Workshop by Joan Ruane.

This is only a mini class in which I teach students how to spin the takli support spindle properly and to learn how to attach and spin cotton fiber from cotton sliver.   They will have some white, brown and green cotton sliver to work with.   I demonstrate and teach how to overcome many problems that faces every new cotton spinner.   There are lot of little tricks that are taught in 2 hours of spinning on the takli. 

A discussion on how to store and use the yarn they have spun as well as how to ply the singles if they so desire to do so at a later time. 

The class is $15.00 each student paying the instructor at the beginning of the class. I will have a takli, spinning dish and cotton sliver for them to use during the class.  After class if they want to purchase the Takli & Spinning Dish for $20.00 they may do so.  Minimum is 2 and max I prefer 12 and not more than 16.       This workshop will be held at the lodge.                                  

Guild Meeting and Lecture series by Joan Ruane.

 BIO: First a professional teacher and then a spinner, Joan Ruane has been teaching spinning classes throughout the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand since 1980.  Active in local and regional Guilds, she has also owned and operated fiber shops in both Florida and Arizona.  Joan has published cotton newsletters, written articles for fiber magazines and has published three DVD: Cotton Spinning Made Easy, Cotton Spinning With A Takli &Charkha and Spinning Hemp. She has republished Hand Spinning Cotton by Harry and Olive Linder, bringing it up to date with modern techniques. In 2015 Joan published the much needed “Beginning Cotton Spinning on the Wheel” workbook. Her DVD’s can be streamed through www.taprootvideo.com.   There are a number of You Tube available on line by Joan.    Joan’s web site is:   www.cottonspinning.com

Sunday Oct. 10th                 2:00 pm

DEW House.png
Saturday Oct. 30th                    1:00 pm

Guild Meeting  - Coverlets, Quilts, and Antique textiles.

We are holding our meeting today at the Dale Engle Walker House at Lewisburg.  This historic site houses a collection you will appreciate.  Mr. Bruce Teeple of the Union County Historical Society will present the local history of the property and you will be able to then tour the site and see the displays.  If the weather is nice, bring a lawn chair and we will meet on the lawn.  You are welcome to bring your wheels to spin while there too.

Weavers Learning Lecture.  Introduction to Supplemental Warps by Deb Essen of DJE Handwovens.  - Zoom call 30-60 minutes  introducing supplemental warps and all the lovely projects you can weave with supplemental warps including velvet, terry cloth, shibori and turned drafts! Wet your weaving whistle with these fun weave structures.

November 14             2:00 pm

Guild Meeting & Election of Officers

Program - TBA

December 9, 10, 11


Annual Fiber Arts sale and demonstration at the Christkindl Market in Mifflinburg.  

Members of SVSWG will be selling their fiber art merchandise inside the Mifflinburg Masonic Lodge.  

This is located at 361 Chestnut street ( Rt. 45) in Mifflinburg.  The shop will be open during the same hours as the Christkindl Market.

Stop in to shop for handcrafted pieces and buy directly from the artists.