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Meetings are held at The Mifflinburg Masonic Lodge, located at 361 Chestnut Street, Mifflinburg unless noted.  Parking and entrance in rear.

2020  Calendar of Events

Please note:  Participants must prepay for all workshops

February 9, 2020          2:00 pm

Guild Meeting. 

Program will be spinning & weaving ergonomics presented by Beth Knarr, Physical Therapist.

February 29                   9:30 - noon

Weavers Study Group - meet at Union County Library in Lewisburg.

March 8, 2020              2:00 pm

Guild Meeting 


 Warp Weighted Looms presented by Hrolfr a Fjarfelli

April 19, 2020                    2:00 pm

Guild Meeting  has been cancelled for April

May 17th, 2020                   2:00 pm

Guild Meeting  - Cancelled

Should you comb or card your wool?  Presented by Heather Robinson.

Are you new to processing a washed wool fleece?  Want to know what the difference is between carding or combing your wool?  This class will touch base on the difference between the two, what is stable length and how to properly card or comb your wool. 13 different breeds will be talked about on processing the fleece. If you have a clean fleece and wool combs or carders, please feel free to bring them.


JUNE 14, 2020                    2:00 pm


Guild Meeting

Today we will learn about the various breeds of sheep, alpaca, and other fiber animals and their fleeces.  Members of SVSWG will be bringing fiber from their flocks and herds and teaching us the qualities to look for when selecting a fleece.  Also, members are encouraged to BRING YOUR WHEEL & SPIN as we welcome members of the Cat's Cradle Spinning Guild to join us for this informative program.

June 24, 2020                       10 - 4 pm

Long Draw Spinning Workshop with Tracy Sayre.

July 12, 2020                   2:00 pm

July Guild Meeting.  Our program will be modifying knitting patterns by Ruth Burnham.

August 9, 2020                   1:00 pm

Guild Meeting and Picnic

Program will be a messy outdoor craft day, including alcohol ink tiles.  Material fee.

Crackle Weaving Workshop.  This two day learning workshop will be held at the lodge.  Prepayment of $100 at time of registration.  Must be registered by July 12.  Minimum of 4 students and maximum of 8 students.  You must have your loom pre-warped before arriving at the workshop.  Instructions will be given upon registration.

August 15 & 16, 2020

Sept. 13, 2020                   2:00 pm

Guild Meeting 


Flax to Linen.  Mr. Richard Nornhold will be breaking flax and teaching us all the steps to spin in into linen.  He is an expert on this and an entertaining presenter.  We will start our program outside weather permitting.

Oct. 11, 2020                   9 am - 1 pm

Oxford Punch Needle Workshop.  

Oct. 11, 2020                      2:00 pm

Guild Meeting   Mulberry Hill Fiber Farm.  Learn about processing fiber at their fiber farm and your opportunity to shop for some great items.

November 8, 2020                  2:00 pm

Guild Meeting & Election of Officers for 2021

December          10           4 - 9 pm

December          11           10 - 9 pm

December          12           10 - 8 pm

The Annual Holiday Showcase Sale.  

Members of SVSWG host a sale of hand crafted fiber arts items and open their doors to the public.  Come and do your holiday shopping from local artists.

We also have demonstrations on Spinning fiber, Weaving, and Knitting

Bake sale featuring home baked cookies.

We will be open inside the Mifflinburg Masonic Lodge located

at 361 Chestnut Street, Rt 45, entrance in front and back of building.

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