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  Calendar of Events
Please note:  Participants must prepay for all workshops

January 9, 2022                  2:00 pm

January 15, 2022                    1:30 pm

January meeting canceled due to weather.

Weavers Study Group.   Meeting at 525 Vine Street New Berlin. 

Topic is Warm Winter Weaving with Wool.  Bring samples, yarn, etc to discuss.

Snow date is Jan. 22nd.

February 13              2:00 pm

Guild Meeting -  Needle felted hearts

Sunday March 13                2:00 pm

Guild Meeting Mary Jane Hunter – Drop Spindle Mary Jane Hunter has demonstrated drop spindle spindling at the Bloomsburg Fair for several years. She will talk about the history of the drop spindle, demonstrating its use and plying on a spindle. She is bringing her collection for the guild to see and also will have a drop spindle for anyone interested to try out. 

Saturday March 19        1:00 pm

Weavers Study Group.  Meets at 525 Vine Street New Berlin.  Study in color.

Sunday April 10              2:00 pm

Guild Meeting    Our Fiber Journeys:  Where We Started and Where We are Now.

Please bring the two items you are most proud of for show and tell one form the beginning of your fiber journey and your most recent success.

April 30 & May 1                9am - 4 pm

Lily Chin Workshop at Central PA Chamber of Commerce Bldg. Milton, PA.  Fee of $180 paid in advance.

Sunday May 15                   2:00 pm

Guild Meeting.     Weaving Loom Round table

This meeting will be held at the Lycoming County Fairgrounds in Hughesville.

Saturday June 11               9 am - 4 pm

Alanna Wilcox Workshop  -  Spinning for Consistency

Workshop to be held at the Central PA Chamber of Commerce Building, Milton.

Fee of $180.00 paid in advance.

Sunday June 12                   2:00 pm


Guild Meeting 

Guest Speaker Alanna Wilcox   Color theory and how it relates to fiber arts.

Saturday June 25                    1:00 pm

Weavers Study Group.  Meeting at 525 Vine Street, New Berlin

Sunday July  10                   2:00 pm

Guild Meeting   Valynn Boy “Basic Acid Dyeing for Protein Fibers” Valynn Boy will talk about mixing dyes and dyeing protein fibers, (such as animal fibers and nylon) Guild Members can bring ~10yds of yarn or 1oz of fiber in light colors to experiment with dyeing or overdyeing after the talk. If participating, please bring a glass jar with a lid or a plastic bag with a water-tight zip so that you can take your experiment home safely.)

Sunday August 14               2:00 pm  

Guild Meeting  "BYO Fiber Blending Day" We've all seen fantastic batts, rolags, blends, and other fiber prep, either online, in a shop, or as part of a class. But it's not always easy to get started. Sometimes we don't have all of the tools at home, or sometimes we buy a tool and realize we haven't learned how to make it do what we want. Other times, we have some stash fiber that needs to be spiced up to make it exciting enough to actually spin.


At this meeting, we're going to get some hands-on practice. We will demonstrate how to use the guild's blending equipment for those who haven't used those tools before, and give people a chance to use them during the meeting. For experienced members, this is a chance to spread your stuff out on a big table with no pet or family interruptions and get some fiber prep and/or blending done! 

If you would like to participate, please bring small quantities of your own CLEAN fleece, commercial fiber, and add-ins. You are also welcome to bring your favorite tools. Also, sometimes the fun in blending is putting together unexpected combinations. You are welcome to share or trade fibers on your own initiative, but also expect to take home what you brought. The goal is to have fun, maybe learn a new technique or two, and make yourself a fun spinning or felting project for at home!

Sunday Sept 11        2 pm

Guild Meeting   "Gutelius House Dye Garden Talk"

Sunday Oct. 9               2:00 pm

Guild Meeting  -"Lazy Meadows Alpacas Field Trip and Picnic"

The Longstreths are going to set up tables so that we can bring and share snacks. This will be our annual guild picnic, with a fall twist! There will also be dyeing available (more details TBA), as well as showing off their felting machine, giving tours of their Mill to anyone who hasn't seen it, and having their store open. 

November 13            2:00 pm

Guild Meeting      Loom Round Table - Members will bring in their looms with a sample in progress, and will discuss why they chose the loom and weave structure they chose, what they like, and other helpful information to new and/or potential weavers.


No Guild Meeting             Christmas Card Exchange