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Do you have something for sale? Are you looking for something?


Please send your item's specific description and your preferred email contact information in a file (Word or in an email) and Two jpeg pictures per item  to


When your item(s) sells, please send an email, so that the ad can be removed. Otherwise, items will be removed after six months. If you wish to relist, send a new ad.


Due to unlawful activity on the internet, please only accept CASH for anything sold on this site. 



Scammers will tell you they are "out of town on business,” will send cashier checks, want to send you more than the dollar amount for the item, and then have you arrange for shipping/pickup by a third party. Cashier check validity can come weeks later from your bank, and then you are out of the item and the money. Please only perform transactions in person and with cash.   

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